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Questions & Answers

Read answers to commonly asked questions, by clicking on the question below.

Questions & Answers

What rooms are available?

There are no different rooms, the whole place is yours.

Is the hot-tub under cover and private?

Yes, you do not have to share!

What is the price?

Please visit our pricing page. Visit our pricing page

Can you organise an escort or domme for me?

No sorry, it’s just a B and B. There are however, contacts on the Useful Contacts page. Visit our useful contacts page

What is the dress code?

There isn’t one, this isn’t a club.

Can we bring our own food and drink?


Can I take pictures and film inside the dungeon?


Are you close to the train station?

Yes, 1 minutes walk away.

Are you close to any restaurants?

Yes, 5 minutes walk away.

What is covered within the booking?

All bookings will have full access to everything within the Dungeon, including the hot-tub.

Do I have to share the Dungeon with other people?

No, the dungeon will be booked exclusively for your use only.

What is the deposit and payment procedure ?

Deposit is paid once a date id agreed.

Full payment in cash is due on arrival.

The deposit turns into a security deposit and returned once everything is checked and if everything is satisfactory after you leave.

How many people can book ?

There is a maximum of 4 people per booking.


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